Who is the strongest animal in the world

Dung beetle The dung beetle is the most powerful insect in the world and is the strongest animal on the planet in the category of animals in the same weight category. Dung beetle can weigh about 1,141 times, The double-decker bus, which is full of passengers. [1] The rhinoceros beetle is a rhinoceros beetle, weighing more than 850 times its weight, which is equivalent to a normal person lifting 65 tons once, and if the strong elephant has equal strength For a rhinoceros beetle, this means that it will be able to carry 850 in Elephants are one of the strongest mammals and strongest terrestrial animals on the planet. African elephants can weigh up to 6,350 kg and can carry up to 9,000 kg, equivalent to 130 people. [1] As the largest mammal, the elephant also has the longest gestation period, with pregnancy reaching 22 months, and newly born calves weigh approximately 90 kg and are about 3 feet long. [2] Gorillas Gorilla is one of the largest living animals Which can weigh up to 200 kg, and its height is more than 1.7 meters, and owns Gorilla arms large and very long, Ts The gorillas use their arms for balance during walking, fighting and self-defense against predators. It is estimated that adult gorillas have a force equivalent to 20 times the strength of adult humans. [ 3) Tigers The tiger is one of the strongest cats around the world, and the second most powerful animal, weighing approximately 300 kg, with strong feet and jaws. Of the 10 known tiger species, the Siberian Tiger is the largest although less numerous, Tiger using the muscles in the legs to chase his prey, catch me With the use of long canines and strong jaw. [3] Anaconda Snake There are four types of anaconda in the world, the green anaconda, the yellow anaconda, the dark anaconda and the Bolivian anaconda. The green anaconda is the largest and heaviest snake in the world, 30 feet in length and more than 227 kg in weight. Anaconda belongs to the family of non-toxic beavers. The anaconda kills its prey by wrapping its heavy body around the prey, pressing it to death, swallowing the entire prey, and when the anaconda does not matter the size of the prey Where they can put pressure on large prey such as wild pigs, tigers and others. [4]

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