Black Friday 2019


Black Friday is one of the most prominent commercial days in America and Europe. Friday follows the US Thanksgiving Day, which falls on the last Thursday in November, at which stores offer great discounts to customers waiting for it every day. Year.

what is the story of Black Friday?

There have been many stories about the origin of the label. To begin with, the term Black Friday when it appeared was not linked to a shopping holiday as it is now, but to a financial crisis related to the collapse of the US gold market on September 24, 1869.

What is the amount of cuts expected on Black Friday?

The average amount of money that shoppers can save on Black Friday is no less than 55% of the original price of the commodity. One, one Egyptian pound, or one dollar, depending on where you are.

Top sites you can trust:

Take advantage of BlackFriday, or, which offers lists of top stores and companies that specialize in Black Friday offers. Most famous online stores such as Amazon, eBay and others offer attractive offers.In Black Friday, these sites often offer discounts on many products.In addition, they make a very special offer on a particular product that changes every hour.

Whatever the site you are going to take advantage of the discounts and offers available on Black Friday, you should be very careful to avoid being erected or hacked, because this day is a great opportunity for hackers trying to steal because of the huge demand on e-commerce sites, so here’s a list of the most important Secured sites to buy on this day:

Amazon. Awok website. Namshi site.Location Noon. Jumia website. Bestbuy. Location of Walmart. Newegg website. Kohl’s website. Macy’s. Samsung US website. Target Website. However, you should check with the seller first before making a purchase decision.

The website can be accessed from here.

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