Translate to Arabic by Camera


Translate any paper written in foreign into Arabic using the mobile camera

A wonderful application that converts any text written on a paper from any language to Arabic or any other language.

This application has spread widely among users as one of the most important translation applications where the service provides professional translation gives you accurate translation without errors and very quickly save you a lot of time and effort, where you can through the application to translate any text or word written on a paper from any language to language Arabic.

Where the program supports more than 100 different languages ​​in the world, to be able to translate to and from these languages ​​with ease, and we have tried it and the results were really amazing If you need a special application offers you a high-performance translation service, this application will meet Purpose.

This application features the possibility of extracting texts from books, magazines or even phrases written in the roads on street signs or otherwise, the program to translate these texts instantly and accurate translation without errors, a great feature you can use a lot of times, not just translation You can also make adjustments to this translation if you want.

This dictionary also provides all the different writing methods of the word in particular for Dutch words, a great feature that can be greatly utilized, which will save time through the speed of translation provided by this application, so if you are confused to choose a translation application, the application is your choice Optimized among a large number of other applications that provide the same service, due to the advantages of the application and the fact that its translation is accurate translation error-free.

You can download this app from here.

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