Dutch grammar PDF in Arabic


This book explaining the rules of the Dutch language in Arabic from scratch to professionalism.

Learning Dutch grammar through books is important as the books contain an explanation of the rule, correct examples, and practice questions.

This book is more than wonderful and distinctive, starts from the basic rules of primitive and delves into the rules of the important and useful for the synthesis and formulation of advanced sentences.

This book will make it easier for you to understand the advanced rules starting from the basic rules. Take time to study this book and try to understand a lot of its content. I am sure you will notice a big difference in your level in Dutch in general.

Learn Dutch

The book emphasizes learning Dutch from complete sentences, because it is more useful and effective. How can you learn Dutch grammar by sentences? The best way is to write or download simple sentences in Dutch, and then convert the sentence to a different time.

For example, in the present tense, turn it into the future. Here you will learn to formulate sentences in the correct way and understand the sentences more and know the times and understand them.

The main objective of this book is to provide the Arab students studying Dutch with an important and comprehensive reference to the important rules of the Dutch language, in a structured, logical and acceptable manner.

It is very important for me to start learning Dutch without any knowledge at all. The book, which is one of the best books in learning Dutch for beginners, also helps and very useful in the Dutch language exam.

You can download this book from here.

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